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Figure 5.3
Construction of a primitive version of the hand-held Zingerplatz Reverser.  Notice the complete disregard for sterile gloves and cufflinks.  These implements are still used today by the hill tribes of eastern Fredonia and by the occasional demented Sicilian accordionist.



Joe Cultrera
President & ZingerUno

Updated 06/30/11

Hand of God
Personal and provoking documentary on Catholic Clergy Abuse

Broadcast on PBS' FRONTLINE
Producer/Director/Editor: Joe Cultrera
Co-Producer, Co-Editor: Laura Corwin
Co-Producer, Director of Photpgraphy: Hugh Walsh

Witch City
Critical and amusing observation on selling the Witch History myth in Salem, Massachusetts

Broadcast on WGBH and various PBS outlets
Co-Director/Editor: Joe Cultrera
Co-Director, Director of Photography: Henry Ferrini
Writers: Philip Lamy, John Stanton
Producers: Joe Cultrera, Henry Ferrini, Phillip Lamy, Bob Quinn, John Stanton

Leather Soul: Working for a Life in a Factory Town
A time and place in factory America, narrated by Studs Terkel

Broadcast on WGBH and the PBS series "We Do The Work"
Director/Editor: Joe Cultrera
Producer: Bob Quinn
Director of Photography: Henry Ferrini
Writer: John Stanton

Rolling Stones: Tip of the Tongue
The legendary rock group prepares for their 2002 world tour
Exclusively on the Four Flicks DVD
Editors: Laura Corwin & Joe Cultrera

Being Mick
Behind the scenes in the life of Mick Jagger
Jagged Fillms
Co-Editor: Joe Cultrera

Road Trip with G Garvin
Two seasons of episodes of the top rated Cooking Channel series
Cooking Channel
Editors: Joe Cultrera & Laura Corwin

Doomsday Preppers & Doomsday Castle
Because you can never be too prepared
Nat Geo TV
Editors: Joe Cultrera 

Weather Channel/Outpost Entertainment

Spike TV/Sharp Entertainment

Turn Up the Heat with G Garvin
50 episodes and counting of the hip-hoppest chef ever to hit home
Editors: Joe Cultrera & Laura Corwin

Fresh Food Fast
Five Ingredient Fix
G Garvin's Taste of The South

Food, food and more food - w/Emeril Lagase; Claire Robinson and G Garvin

The Cooking Channel
Editors: Joe Cultrera & Laura Corwin

Married in America
Michael Apted's study of nine recently married American couples
A&E Network
Editor: Susanne Rostock
Segment Editors:  Laura Corwin & Joe Cultrera

Railroaded in Texas
Travesty of justice in a small Texas town
Court TV
Editor: Joe Cultrera

American Mobster: Tales from Philadelphia
Discovery Channel
American Mobster: Looking for Whitey
Discovery Channel

ABC/Discovery Channel/Gotham Media Ventures
Editor: Joe Cultrera

For The Defense

Portraits of four of America’s all-star defense attorneys

ABC/Discovery Channel/Gotham Media Ventures
Editor: Laura Corwin

Who Was That Man
Comedy Short
Written & Directed by Jon Korkes
Editor: Joe Cultrera

When The Spirits Dance Mambo
Religion and music of Santeria in Cuba
Caribbean Cultural Center
Editor: Flavia de Souza